K9 Security service

K9 service

At Maxgrid Securicor (India) Pvt Ltd. We understand the unique advantages that the human-animal interface brings in enhancing the overall security posture of your premises. Our highly trained handlers and their canine counterparts integrate their respective skillsets to elevate your security measures providing unparalleled efficiency in threat detection, patrol, and response. From explosive detection to crowd control, our K9 teams are a dynamic asset that go beyond conventional security.

Dogs possess an extraordinary olfactory & auditory sense enabling them to detect scents and potential threats with remarkable precision. Beyond the limitations of human vision, our canine partners excel in perceiving concerns concealed in foliage, bushes, and other areas where traditional CCTV systems may fall short. This heightened sensory awareness allows our K9 teams to provide an added layer of security, addressing vulnerabilities that might be overlooked by conventional surveillance methods.

Contact us today for our innovative and reliable K9 service, tailored to meet your specific security needs and explore the tangible difference that the Human-Animal Security Interface through our K9 teams, can make in securing your environment.