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Maxgrid Securicor (India) Pvt. Ltd. (MSIPL), was established in December 2011, by professionals with over thirty years of multi-faceted experience in the security industry as well as in manufacturing, management and government service, in India and abroad.

M.S.I.P.L. is primarily engaged in the business of Security, Advisory & Consultancy service, Specialized Training and Force Modernization via Technology Procurement, Installation and Integration.

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Case Studies

Our case studies offer a personal perspective into security-related challenges addressed by our teams of professionals, delving into real-life scenarios that individuals and organizations have faced. These narratives provide a unique opportunity to showcase the experiences of those who have navigated cyber & physical security breaches, counterterrorism efforts, humanitarian response and crisis management first hand.

By delving into these personal stories, we gain a deeper understanding of the multifaceted nature of Maxgrid and the professional element at our core. These case studies serve as a small insight into our strategies and practices in the dynamic world of private security.

Client Threat and Abduction

A high risk Client’s location was compromised by an internal...

Organized Industrial Theft

An industrialist client was suffering constant losses through theft...

Tactical Training

Highly qualified instructors with proven track records have carried out training...

Penetration Tests & Covert Audits

Specially trained teams are routinely tasked with the objective...

Compliance Based Investigations

Compliance related protocols often create avenues of exploitation...

Counter Surveillance

Counter Surveillance A high profile client offering legal service was constantly facing challenges from another party...

Operation Safe Haven: Rescuing Trafficked Minors

Our dedicated team of security professionals, in collaboration with an NGO ...

Securing Sensitive IT and Military Related R&D

Our Risk Management team's technical audit played a pivotal role in securing ...

Skip Tracing – A collaborative success

Corporate clients sought our expertise to trace individuals responsible for a complex ...

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Anti Naxal Force Training

Anti Naxal Force Training from 19.02.2013 to 08.03.2012 in "Jungle Simulation Exercises"...

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