Penetration Tests & Covert Audits


Audit Teams from Maxgrid Securicor (India) Pvt. Ltd. are regularly assigned the mission of evaluating a client's current investment in security—whether in terms of personnel deployed, technology used, or processes followed, by testing and assessing their current relevance and actual deterrence capability against a specified set of threat vectors.

Legally sanctioned and approved Penetration Test Teams systematically conduct physical breaches of various secured environments, including Industrial Complexes, Multi-Specialty Healthcare Centres, High Net Worth Individuals' Residences and other similar High-Security Establishments. Many of these locations were found to be equipped with a variety of security solutions such as Active & Passive IR Sensors, Electric Fences, TWS, Security Guards, Access controls and CCTV.

The penetration tests conducted by these teams involve an asymmetric combination of exploits covering physical, cyber, and personnel vulnerabilities, providing a comprehensive evaluation of the overall security measures in place.

Our customized and comprehensive security assessments are meticulous, practical and represent a strategic investment in the long-term security of an establishment. Professionally executed penetration tests provide a proactive approach ensuring that security measures remain adaptive and effective, safeguarding the continuity and resilience of a business or asset over the long term.